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The Shy Vixen Experience

Boudoir is intimate by nature, so it's important to choose a photographer you trust. I want my clients to feel comfortable, confident and beautiful. Fill out the form to find out what a Shy Vixen photoshoot is really like and get the details on how much you need to invest to have the most life-changing, confidence-boosting experience ever!

If you still have questions, I want to hear from you!  I highly recommend that, whomever you're considering as your photographer, you take the time to chat on the phone with them. One, because you can never be too careful these days and two, because it's important to get a feel for the person that will be capturing such intimate photos of you. You can reach me M-F from 10-6 at 989-560-8901.

But, I'm also available by other means, too. The important thing is to contact me and ask questions so you can feel fully confident about this fantastic experience! As someone who's been on both sides of the camera, I can truly speak from experience!

Photographer Jonna JJ Royer posing for boudoir
Fill out Form for cost of boudoir photoshoot

I'm interested! I'd love to know how much it costs to invest in myself!

I understand that submitting my information will reveal the details of investing in a SVBP session, but I am under no obligation to book a session until I'm ready.

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