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woman posing for boudoir photo on white sheets
Behind the scenes image of boudoir photographer taking pictures
woman posing for boudoir photo in front of fireplace


My name is

Jonna "JJ" Royer

​Photography is more than a hobby or a job for me. It's an obsession. No matter where I am or what I am doing, I see images that I want to capture. 

When I first started out, I dabbled in all facets of photography, from travel to landscapes to portraits. Then I discovered boudoir photography and I was swept up by the magic of it. I am constantly seeking new poses, props, and backgrounds to enrich my clients' experience.


I love helping my clients become someone they never thought they could be. It's thrilling to see their reaction when they see their pictures for the first time. There is nothing that touches your heart more than when a woman sees her pictures for the first time and tears fill her eyes as she exclaims, "I never knew I could be so beautiful!"

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