Strike a Pose

Many first time Shy Vixens have no idea how to pose. Does my body look awkward like this? Should I look directly at the camera? What do I do with my hands?

The good news is, that’s completely expected! We work with women from all walks of life – absolutely no modeling experience needed. Posing is more complicated than it seems, and when it comes to boudoir, even photos that look candid and effortless are typically arranged down to the last detail. During your shoot, we walk you through every step of striking the perfect pose, helping you find your angles and making sure you look comfortable, confident and natural.

That doesn’t mean you can’t prepare though. Picking a few key poses you want to try and sharing them with us before your shoot will help us plan the right props and backdrops ahead of schedule. Check out or guide to popular boudoir poses and start saving ideas for your boudoir experience!

Boudoir Pose #1

Elegantly reclining in bed with the bedsheets draped just right over your body – You can’t get much more traditional than that. This is a universally flattering pose, perfect for just about any boudoir theme.

Boudoir Pose #2

This playful pose is a great way to show off a sexy thong or booty shorts without being too scandalous.

Boudoir Pose #3

Highlight long legs and a great pair of stilettos with your feet on the headboard.

Boudoir Pose #4

Try out different angles! The upside-down shot tends to be super flattering and focuses on the beautiful hair and makeup you’ll receive from our professional stylists.

Boudoir Pose #5

Lying on the bed reclining with a beautifully arched back is another classic boudoir pose.

Boudoir Pose #6

Framed by natural lighting, you’ll look beautiful and wistful standing by a window.

Boudoir Pose #7

lovely elegant boudoir photography red corset mirror

Have fun with mirrors! This pose shows off you looking your best from multiple angles.

Boudoir Pose #8

This pose is a bit more assertive than reclining in bed. Take charge!

Boudoir Pose #9

Don’t be afraid to be bold! Show  off a sexy back and as much – or as little – booty as you like.

Boudoir Pose #10

Eyes are the windows to the soul, but in boudoir, this facial expression can be more suggestive than anything.

Boudoir Pose #11

A sultry look over the shoulder is a tempting tease.

Boudoir Pose #12

Put your body on display.


These are just a sampling of the types of poses you can do. You may find different things you want to try, and we’d love to see them. Browse our portfolio for even more posing ideas.

Even if you have a good idea of the poses you’d like to try during your session, you might still feel a bit nervous or awkward. The best advice we can give you is to relax!

Easier said than done, but taking a deep breath and trusting your photographer will go a long way in helping you pose more naturally. Don’t worry, we’ve got this! Your photos are going to be spectacular.

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