What hairstyle should I have for my boudoir shoot?

Nerves are a natural part of doing a boudoir session. One thing we recommend to all our clients to cut down on pre-shoot jitters is to plan ahead!

Collecting pictures of looks you like and sharing with them with your photographer a few weeks before your big day helps ensure everyone is on the same page, and you’ll end up with a finished product that’s just like the dream shoot you envisioned. You can always choose photos from the internet, but sometimes it’s better to go straight to the source and take a look at your boudoir studio’s gallery.

Today we’re focusing on hair. Check out some of our favorite boudoir hair looks from clients past, and let us know if you’d like us to recreate any of these sexy styles just for your shoot!

And even if you don’t have a session booked, you may want to try them yourself to add a little boudoir spice to your daily life.

Natural Waves

When you need a hairstyle to compliment a tantalizing outfit, you can’t go wrong with a natural looking wave. Effortlessly sexy, this style mimics the look of hair that’s been through a night of naughty fun.

Depending on your texture, the perfect wave can be achieved using heat and/or styling products. Your waves may be tighter or looser based on your hair’s natural state.

This style works with nearly any length of hair from chin-length bobs to long, long locks.

Classic Curls

If you’re looking for something a bit more polished than waves, more structured, defined curls are another great option. Bouncy and full of volume, a perfectly curled coif screams sex appeal.

To keep things from looking too prim and proper, you’ll want to keep your curls looser, and avoid tight ringlets in favor of flowing, relaxed waterfall curls. Like the natural wavy style, curls work with nearly any length.

Straight and Shiny

beautiful boudoir model in blue corset on bet
beautiful luxury bed model posing

Maybe your hair doesn’t hold a curl or wave. Or maybe you just love the silky smooth look. Straight hair is classic, it’s clean, and it’s hard to resist running your hands through it.

Straight hair can be just as sexy as a style with a little wave. Whether your hair is short and sassy long and luxurious, a simple straight hairstyle is a great compliment to a beautiful face.

Do an Updo

Many women prefer to wear their hair down for a boudoir shoot, but if straight hair is a frame for a beautiful face, then an updo shows off your features even more.

Hair swept off the face into an updo or half updo adds a sophisticated air to your photos. Leave a few strands loose with a fancy bun or chignon for effortless elegance, or pull everything back into a high pony or braid for a fierce femme fatale feel.

Short Styles

Short haired girls, we’ve got something for you! While many of the styes we mentioned above will work for women with chin length hair and longer, we’re all about pixies and other close cropped looks too.

You might have less to work with, but our stylists make magic, giving you a short, sexy style that works with your look and personality.

Accessorize Away

Adding a special touch by way of a beautiful hair accessory is a great way to step up your hair game for your boudoir shoot. Simply let your photographer know what you’re planning on bringing beforehand so your stylist can prepare.

In addition to traditional accessories like barrettes and headbands, feel free to get creative! Previous clients have rocked wedding veils, hats, and flower crowns for example.

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