Don’t Feel Overexposed

Booking a photo shoot is a great way to break out of your comfort zone, but if the thought of posing in skimpy lingerie makes you break out in a nervous sweat, you probably aren’t going to make it to a consultation. Whether it’s natural shyness, self consciousness, or modesty, many women who are interested in doing boudoir never take the plunge because they’re worried about wardrobe – or lack thereof.

If you’ve been putting off realizing your boudoir dreams just because you don’t want to be nearly nude in front of the camera, we’re happy to tell you it’s more than possible to do a sensual shoot that keeps you covered. Sometimes leaving a little to the imagination can be a good thing. At Shy Vixen we use poses, props and backdrops to create that boudoir feeling without bras or bustiers for many of our clients.

Check out some of our suggestions for classy, covered, but still sexy outfit choices that aren’t your typical lingerie look.

Belle of the Ball

It may seem over the top, but a beautiful, fancy dress is a great option for a boudoir shoot. Elegant, luxurious, glamorous…a gorgeous gown can be described with the same words you’d use to describe boudoir, at least the way we do it at Shy Vixen!

Gowns often use rich, sensual fabrics like silk, satin, and velvet, and special touches like sequins or lace that photograph beautifully. And most feature details that, when arranged properly, have serious sex appeal, like a cleavage-enhancing neckline, straps that fall teasingly off the shoulder, or a slit that shows off some leg.

Bring your best ball gown and we’ll work it into your shoot, and not in a typical wedding or prom way either. The boudoir is, traditionally, where a woman would get dressed and ready for a big night out, so why not play on that theme?

Blue Jeans

Are you more of a girl next door? Keep things all American with classic blue jeans or jean shorts and a white tank top or t-shirt. This look is fresh and fun, especially if you’re interested in taking things outside the bedroom with an outdoor shoot.

Your favorite, best-fitting pair of jeans or shorts will do, especially when paired with a flatteringly cut tee or tank, or even a cute flannel. We’ll help you pose so the look is more sexy than standard. Think Calvin Klein or Guess jeans ads for inspiration!  

Pinup Style

Sure, there were lots of pinups who posed nude or in corsets and seamed stockings, but there were plenty who showed us the sexy side of being fully clothed too. Retro dresses, skirts, and sweaters are great wardrobe choices that don’t leave you feeling overexposed.

Try wiggle dresses, pencil skirts, halter tops, rompers, and off-the-shoulder tops in playful colors and patterns like polka dots or cherry print. Vintage style clothing features ultra feminine shapes and cuts that translate well to boudoir no matter how conservative or revealing you ultimately choose to be, so go wild! Even some retro lingerie is surprisingly covered up, so you may even find a vintage style slip or baby doll you’d feel comfortable being photographed in.

Choose a pinup theme for your entire boudoir shoot and you’ll be able to show off without showing it all

Go Big or Go Home

One of our favorites out of the box boudoir looks is an oversized men’s dress shirt. It’s fun, playful, and suggestive – You’ll look like you grabbed one of your significant other’s shirts after an impromptu tryst. You can decide how many buttons to keep open.

Similarly, your favorite sports player’s jersey, or even a comfy, oversized sweater of your own also work very well in boudoir shoots, showing off just enough skin to suggest beautiful curves underneath. We know the right poses and angles to make sure your oversized gear clings in all the right places.

It’s the perfect tease!

Robes and Nighties

Don’t forget that, even if you decide to go the lingerie route, you have some options to bring along that will make sure you don’t get pushed too far out of your comfort zone.

A beautiful bra looks great peeking out of robe. We’re not talking about a plush bathrobe, of course. But a slinky, silky robe? Tied at the waist and maybe trimmed in lace? Yes please!

Nighties and slips have also been making a comeback lately, in many different lengths, colors and fabrics. These have a lingerie look without being too revealing. A cute camisole will also do the trick, or even a sexy pajama set.

Book Your Shoot

We believe every woman deserves her own boudoir shoot, but we understand that not every woman is comfortable posing in next to nothing. That’s why we aren’t afraid to get creative! If you’re holding back because you’re too shy of modest, you’ve got options with Shy Vixen. We never force our clients into a cookie cutter boudoir model mold.

If you have ideas for a more covered up shoot, we’d love to hear them!  We’re here to help turn your boudoir dreams into reality, without making you live out your nightmare. And, if your issues are confidence-related, dipping your toes into boudoir will likely boost your self esteem more than any other experience. It’s a win-win.

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