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Shy Vixen 

Boudoir Photography

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Shy Vixen founder Jonna Royer has years of experience behind the lens and a passion for capturing each client’s unique personality.

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Boudoir is the ultimate confidence boost. Our sessions are designed with your comfort in mind, so be as subtle or suggestive as you’d like.

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Shy Vixen sessions make a great gift – For you or someone special! Choose your perfect combination of prints and digital artwork.

Is boudoir right for me?

Is a boudoir photo shoot right for me? No matter who you are or what body type you have, the answer is YES!  Many clients let insecurities about their age, weight or appearance stop them from booking a session, but at Shy Vixen we know every woman has the potential to shine.

Our boudoir sessions are incredibly empowering, because we highlight your favorite features and let you choose just how much – or how little – to expose. We use artistic lighting, artful makeup and beautiful clothing to help you look and feel your best. Plus, we’ll review your goals and expectations before each session, so when the day comes you’re ready for your closeup!  

For a little inspiration, see the difference between a casual look and full boudoir in one of our before & after shots here, or check out even more incredible transformations on our Before & After page.

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Worth A Thousand Words

My picture premiere was today and I was blown away! The photos were fantastic and I couldn’t be happier. Jonna pays so much attention to detail, and most of all, she captured my personality in all of the pictures & that’s what made them so much more unique.

The entire process was so much fun & I am so glad to have met Jonna! I highly recommend scheduling a shoot with her.

 – Courtney

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Plan Your Boudoir Session

Want to know what to expect from your boudoir photo shoot? Sign up to receive Shy Vixen’s Essential Session Planner! This handy guide includes all the info you’ll need to prepare for your day in the spotlight, including:
  • Hair & Makeup Tips
  • Outfit Planning
  • Posing
  • Pricing
  • And More!
Learn from the experts in advance so you can feel confident when you step in front of the camera.